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Here’s some really easy and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas for college students,especially girls:

1.Wear one color,glue a big pea on your shirt,give yourself a shiner with black makeup-Black eyed pea.

2.Wear all black,pin socks to your clothing-static cling.

3.Wear all black, for the legs grab some cheap black hose, stuff with any thing dark and lightweight. Either sew, or staple to keep stuffing from falling out. Pin to clothing, add a little make-up -Spider.

4.Got an old prom dress, evening gown in your closet?Then wear a blonde wig, evening gown and carry a big white cardboard square with a letter on it – like the letter E.Ask people if they want to buy a vowel-Vanna White.

5.go to goodwill and buy the ugliest dress you can find.Wear ugly heels and carry a bunch of flowers-ugly bridesmaid.

6.Wear all black,glue metal objects to your clothing,spoons, paperclips, forks, etc-magnet.

7.Small cereal boxes with plastic knives through them,glued to your clothing,face mask-cereal killer.

8.Get a big box and paint it a pretty design,cut out arm holes and a hole for your head,tuck your hair under a hat or hairnet and tape tissues to your head-box of tissues.

8.Wrap yourself up in tin foil and call yourself a leftover.

9.Go as a bee.Just wrap three bands of yellow tape around your middle like a bee.Roll some yellow duct tape into an sharp narrow triangle and attach to your butt for a stinger. Get a pair of fairy wings also at the dollar store. Attach black pipecleaners to a head band for antennae.Carry a sunflower.

10.Be an indian. Take brown drawstring garbage bags & cut a hole in the bottom of one for your head & then on the sides for your arms. Then cut fring on the bottom. On the second bag cut the bottom off & tie the tie part around your waist to tighten.Fringe the bottom. Braid your hair & put in some feathers.

Have fun!Happy Halloween!

Halloween costume ideas for college girls

Halloween costume ideas for college boys

Halloween costume ideas for two college girls

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