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Here’s some Great teen halloween party game ideas:

1.Play “Murder” – where you draw slips of paper – one person is the victim and one is the murder. Then you turn out the lights for a second – the murder touches the victim and says, “Your dead”, and then the lights come on and everyone tries to figure out who did it. It’s fun!

2. Fortune telling games, tarot cards are fun for that age. You could have pumpkin decorating contest using small pie pumpkins and markers and “stuff” to decorate with – have cutest, scariest, funniest, etc. awards.

3. Continuing ghost story – one person starts it and everyone has to add to it to keep the story going.

4.Who can eat the candied apple fastest-but to toss some fun in put 3 candied onions (onions made jsut like the apples) in the mix-so everybody is biting into theirs and somebody is gagging.

5. Dress as bible characters.No demons please.There is nothing hallowed about Halloween.God only(Jesus) is Hallowed.

6.Cook some spaghetti and let it get cold. Then turn the lights out and chuck it at people and tell them it is raining worms.

7.7 minutes in heaven is fun. (But it’s usually too long, short it to 2 or 3).

8.Instead of bobbing for apples, tie strings to the apple stems and attach to ceiling or tree limbs you have to catch the dangling apple using only your teeth/mouth.

9.The candy apple eating contest-make candy apples who ever eats theirs the fastest wins a prize (to make it more interesting candy several onions as well and mix them in) while most are chowing down some will be gagging.

Happy Halloween~!

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