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Here’s some Halloween costume ideas for a group of 3 girls:

1.The Disney Princesses (silly but funny), dress up as guys, pick a movie and dress as different caracters, pick an era and dress up with clothes from that time (or pick different eras), women super-heroes (wonder woman, catwoman, etc.) or pick any other cotumes and dress all in the same colours.

2.Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear

3.Destiny’s Child (there were 6 girls altogether);Charlie’s Angels (4 all together)

4.Be one of the Star Wars characters. Or Wizard of Oz (Dorthy,tin man Scarecrow), Batman (Batman, Robin, Cat women) Or pick a show you like to watch and be three characters out of it.

5.Be a group like a pop star group or be someting group like from t.v.

6.Go as all the different super hero women… like bat woman, cat woman, wonder woman, etc.

7.”Stars of the Silver Scream”, “Something Wicked this Way Comes”, “Come Hell or High Water”, and “Storybook Characters Gone Bad” Its always fun!

8.Go as the spice girls.

9.The teletubbies.

10.One of you could be Willie Wonk and the rest um pa lumpa’s.

11.Umpa lumpas .. in the charlie and the cocolate factory. Like painting your faces green or brown, and where green stockings and like stuff your shirt with pillows. And put your hair striaght up.

12. The fanta soda girls ( grape, orange, strawberry, & pineapple ).

13.Janet, Jack, and Cindy = Threes Company

14.Be peacocks or cats and like you’ll all have different interpretations and ideas but the key part is none of you tell the others what you’re planning!Have fun!

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