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Here’s some good,cool and cheap Halloween costume ideas for college boys:

1.Cowboy, whoopie cushion, batman, superman, the hulk.

2.Hook hand pirate.

3.Chef from south park!

4.Go as the Grimm Reaper as that seems to be a popular costume.

5.Go as a giant joint.

6.Wear a big box over your clothes that is rapped up like a present and put a big tag on it that says ” To: Women From: God” And you can be God’s gift to women!

7.Toga – or a scottsman.

8.If you are in good shape, go as a super hero, it will show off your body. All you need is tights, leotard, a mask, and some Sharpies (or similar) pens to draw the emblem. (Perhaps a piece of clothe for the cape). You can likely do the entire costume in a hour and for $20.

9.Wear a big trench coat and be a flasher.

10.Go as comando!

Use you imagination and have fun! Happy Halloween!

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