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Here’s some Halloween costume ideas for a Rock and Roll theme party:

1.KISS, Misfits, Slipknot, Motley Crue, the Axl Rose headband….

2.go as a girl rock and roll legend, and in the middle of the party weird everybody out by wearing a pink Barbie dress.

3. Dress up as Lita Ford. She’s not exactly Metal, but she’s defiantly a Rock Chick.

4.Dress up as your favorite rockn roller and than do karaoke to their songs.

5.Go for an authentic fifties jitterbugging bobby soxer look….gray poodle skirt,pink angora sweater set,white anklet socks and saddle shoes or plain white canvas gym shoes. Wear your hair in a pony tail with a chiffon scarf tied around it or in a page boy with a stretchy pink headband. White pearls and a silver charm bracelet. Carry an autograph book or a little “go team ” pennent on a stick. That ought to make you look like you just stepped out of the way-back machine.

6.The simplest; jeans & leather jackets for the punk look; then raid Savers/Goodwill for loud colorful jackets, mostly you will have to shop in the woman’s section, for the glam rockers. Same stores will also spill frilly shirts w/ puffy sleeves and keep an eye out for T-Shirts especially one’s shrilling for musical groups or simply having the logo of a bar or tavern. Also scope out above mentioned stores for mustard colored tailcoats for the 50’s rockabilly, also tailcoats in off white with brown piping – - – a pair of eye glass frames and you have Buddy Holly. Wigs truly make the look; nearing Halloween you should be able to score them for $10 to $15 each; long hair, strange colors, and always the all purpose Afro. Also through Oriental Trading (go online) you can get inflatable guitars cheap, lay in a stock of a dozen, have them around. PS an obvious one is to invite your guests to come as their favorite Dead Rock Star.

7. The Rolling Stones would make great costumes for a few people.

8.Wanna get creative; create a Juke-Box – - – a walking talking Juke-Box, one person I knew wore a battery and had lights & a turntable visible behind clear plastic front – - – he won a $50 prize. Other ‘gimmick’ costumes would be a Guitar “c’mon baby, play me,” Have a rocking good time.

Happy Halloween!

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