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Here’s some really good diy Halloween costume ideas and tips for 9 yr old girls:

1.It would be easy to be a rock star, hippie, etc by decorating your own clothes. Pippi Lonstocking you could make a wig with a coathanger and red yarn, Little house on the prarrie with a nightgown type dress and an apron and bonnet.

2. Be a scare crow, use a flannel shirt,some old baggy jeans & hay then paint her cheeks red.

3.Be a bee. Black legging and a yellow shirt then sew on( or glue) Fuzzy black fur as stripes on the shirt.Get a hair band and use gold or yellow pipe cleaners to make antenna put a piec of the fuzzy blacks on the end.Black shoes if she has them.Then the PIRATE thing is in, sure you can figure that one out on your own.

4.Tinkerbelle is always fun -pretty easy costume to sew. Butterflies are good too.

5.Gp as the Grim Reaper.

6. A Sea Mermaid. Buy 1 yd of green sequin material from Walmart and make a tube from her waist to her knees with a drawstring at the top. At the bottom,sew a floor length ruffle of green tulle. For the top get her a flesh colored leotard and sew some gold lame scallop shells over the strategic areas.

7.Go to Familyfun.This magazine’s website has so much for kids of all ages. There are some really creative ideas!

You could really have alot of fun with it, if you use your imagination. Happy Halloween.

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