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The best time to carve a pumpkin depends on where you live, the weather, stuff like that. The hotter it is outside, the sooner the carved pumpkin will start to decay.A carved pumpkin can last outdoors for about 10-14 days usually.

If you are thinking about all the time it takes to carve all of your pumpkins you might want to re-think your decor and try a pumpking arrangement instead. First thing you do, if interested, is to place a bale of hay by your front door. Either small or large depending on your porch size. Then place different shaped and colored gourds and pumpkins on the bale of hay. Lastly, remove the top from your large pumpkin, scoop out the pumpkin and place a potted orange or yellow mum inside. You can also do this with sunflowers or any other fall flower that strikes your fancy. It takes less time and is very festive.

Enjoy Halloween!

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