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If you are finding the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving alone,here’s some ideas and tips:

1.Bake up a fabulous turkey breast and some stuffing on the side with cranberry sauce. Rachel Ray made a fantastic 30 minute thanksgiving meal the other day on her show using turkey breasts. After dinner, crack open a beer and watch the football game!

2.A lot of churches and community organizations have Thanksgiving suppers for the less fortunate. They are always looking to volunteers to help serve and you’d probably get a real good feeling from helping out.

3.Indulge yourself. Have a great steak with all of the trimmings and but a little great cake. It should be a really relaxing day.

4.Adult shops are always a welcome resort around the holiday season.

5.Why not treat it like any other day and just do whatever you want? No need to be pressured. There are many people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

6.Find a spa to celebrate Thanksgiving alone. Spas have been conceived to offer relaxation, restore health and enhance your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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