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First of all, you can buy a “nude” costume of halloween so you don’t freeze. Second, if you have to do it for real, here’s some advice:

1. Wear a coat for outside. It’s probably going to be cold.

2. At least wear flip flops because shoes are required to get into many places.

3. Make certain you know where your coat and/or clothes are so you don’t have to leave naked.

4. Stay away from alcohol.

5. Try to be nude in private areas not in public.

6. Go with a friend. The friend doesn’t have to be nude, unless you need support.

Halloween Costume Ideas:

1.Put a strip of tape over your private areas and then cover with paint.

2.Paint your entire body and dress like an mystical elf, fish person, or alien.

3.Paint your chest in leaves and look like an Amazon.

4.Cover your chest and private in fake leafs taped on with duct tape from underneath.

5.Cover your chest with star or seashell pasties and wear a small mermaid like dress.

6.Avoid painting yourself brown as to look like a naked black person.

Have fun! Happy Halloween!

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