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Here’s some Last minute halloween costume ideas for 13 year old girls:

1. A goth prom queen. Wear a long, fancy black dress (or just very dark purple) and a tiara. Put on lots of black eyeliner and make a sash (just use a long white ribbon and quickly sew the ends together) that says “Goth Prom Queen”. OR, wear the dress and tiara, but write on the sash, “Miss Goth USA”.

2.Be a corpse prom girl. Borrow a prom dress and put on pale makeup. Put dark eyeshadow on cheeks and around eyes. Put hair-gel in the hair and muss it up.

3.Be a corpse punk.Use the corpse makeup with any clothes, maybe punk clothes.

4. A kitten with a blackened nose and some whiskers drawn on the face.

5.If u have red lipliner and blue lipliner or eyeliner you can mix them together or smudge them on your skin to make it purple such as around your eyes, and you can draw red lines on your skin then smudge them and draw a solid red line in the middle of the smudge to look like a cut, and you could draw black lines over it to look like stitches, just wear black clothes and your done. Hoods help. Unlucky if you don’t have any. Purple eyeliner or something might work good as well, but red and blue usually gets a better shade..use light blue if you can.

6.Be a black eyed P.Draw the letter “P” on a white t-shirt with a sharpie marker and take some black make-up and put it around eye, like a black eye, making yourself a “Black Eyed P”. It’s very simple and you could make the costume in a matter of minutes with stuff laying around the house!

7.Go as a 50’s teengirl .Roll up jeans, white socks, tennis shoes, button up shirt and tie it at the bottom, hair in a ribbon or headband, ponytail if it’s long, and make sure you put make-up on! Lipstick is the most important thing… but make little rouge circles on cheeks.

8.Use a white sheet and be a toga – wear shorts and a tank top underneath, a wreath for hair would be a plus.

Enjoy your Halloween!

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