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Here’s some really Creative,cute,unique and cool last minute halloween costume ideas for teenagers:

1.Go and purchase a bunch of the THIN light stick (like the ones you get at a concert) tack them on the sleeves , legs, etc of you back clothes so when you are viewed from a distance you are a STICK person. All they can see are the thin lines of light for your legs, feet, arms the make one for your neck and head. Inexpensive, cute and unique!

2.Bed sheets-Ghost.

3.Be a gangster,wear baggy jeans or shorts,big shirt,find some fake bling.

4.If your not the preppy type, be a model. Like wear holy jeans (abercrombie lookin) and a polo,spike your hair or make it look nice.

5.Go as a serial killer (aka “cereal” killer). Use fake knives (plastic ones or fakes from a halloween store) and puncture a cereal box with them. Tape them to the inside to secure them better.

6.Be a bum.Cut some rags up and pee all over yourself mess up your hair and roll around in the dirt and BAM your a bum.

7.Be picture man. Print out pictures and tape them on to a shirt.

8.A witch. Dress up in white clothes and stick trash to yourself(white trash) or dress in a white nightgown and paint dark circles under your eyes.

Enjoy your Halloween!

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