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Here’s some Last minute Homemade Halloween costume ideas for teen girls:

1.Rockstar: Take a mic from a kareoke machine and tuck the wire into the pocket of fashion jeans. Depending on what type of music star select the appropriate shirt. Wear big sunglasses, muss up your hair and get a cute hat, add a little extra eyeliner under the eye too.

2.A Tourist: Wear pieces that completely don’t go together and be sure to have a huge fanny pack slung low over your rear. Get various map and brochures.

3.Sea World Trainer: Wear a wet suit/bathing suit and print out a Sea World sticker. Stick it onto your chest and add a whistle. You can also use a mic or even a pail of paper fish.

4.Zombie: Use a foundation that is too light for your skin and use copious amounts of eyeliner and dark shadows around your eyes. Muss your clothes, have a shirt half tucked in and half not. Get your hair stringy by only using shampoo, mousing it and combing it up and down.

5.Beatnik: Wear all black, sunglasses and a black hat like a beret. Carry a journal you can write poems in. Snap constanlty.

Happy Halloween!

Last minute halloween costume ideas for 13 year old girls

Last minute Halloween comstume ideas for girls

Last minute halloween costume ideas for teens

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