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Here’s some fast and easy halloween costumes ideas that made of your real chothes:

1.Throw on your jeans and a white shirt or blouse and a vest. tie a scarf around your waist for a sash, and a bandana around your brow. And perhaps an earing or two and some jewelry. Make a sword out of cardboard and cover it with tin foil and black electrical tape for the handel.

2. Voila, instant pirate. I know it sounds lame, but it’s quick and you could make it stylish.

3.If you have a pair of bellbottom jeans you can go as a hippy. Just add a funky shirt and tie a scarf around your head.Roll your jeans up and go as a bobby soxer, just add some cuffed socks, a white button down shirt and a pair of keds.A construction worker. Add a flannel shirt and a tool belt and a pair of boots.

4.Go a normal public school kid or a teen icon or a dead person and just pack on the pankcake make-up!

5.Wear a long black dress, light colored lens, if you have dark eyes, and iron your hair straight. You’ll be Mrs. Adams from the Adams Family.

6.Wear your regular clothes and cover your face with make up that is just too light. darken your eyes by drawing a circle around them with a juice glass and darken in the circle area with a black or dark brown make up. go as a dead person.

7.Wear very bright pants, a floral top, tease your hair really big, put on some pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow then top it off with high heels. you’re a Dallas house wife! Add a lot of halloween costume jewelry if you have any.

Just have fun!Happy Halloween!

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